Are you facing a conflict that you cannot solve? Are you looking for an independent person who mediates between you and the counter party?

Mediation Winter is a Berlin-based intercultural mediation practice handling national and international cases, such as business conflicts, American-German relations, family matters, and workplace disputes. As an impartial mediator, Helen Winter, LL.M. reaches an agreement with which all parties are satisfied.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary procedure for an out-of-court settlement of a conflict. To come to an agreement, in mediation the disputants develop solutions to their conflict self-determinedly and autonomously with the help of a neutral.

Mediation is a procedure that leaves decision making power and freedom of choice to the parties. Because autonomy is left to the parties, they perceive mediation as a very fair procedure.

Your Mediator: Helen Winter, LL.M.

Helen Winter is an avid lawyer and certified mediator. She gained her extensive experience as a mediator at the L.A. Superior Court and a consultant at the mediation firm “OnDeckMediation”, where she focused on employment law, family law, anti-discrimination law and corporate law.

In addition, she analyzed systemic causes of conflict within the United Nations organization at UNOMS (United Nations Ombudsman and Mediation Services).

Helen Winter successfully completed her law studies at the University of Heidelberg and subsequently completed a Master of Law in Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine’s famous Straus Institute (ranked as the world’s #1 dispute resolution program by US News and World News). There, she received three awards for her outstanding accomplishments in mediation: “CALI Excellence For The Future Award for Excellence in the Study of International Identity Based Conflict and Dispute Resolution” and “CALI Excellence for the Future Award for Excellence in the Study of Advanced mediation”, as well as the “Outstanding Alumni Abroad Award”. Helen Winter is also involved scientifically in the Master of Mediation and Conflict Management of the European University Viadrina. She is also the founder of the NGO R3SOLUTE. She skillfully conducts her mediations in English or German.

What Does the Mediator Do?

The mediator acts on behalf of all parties involved, their interests and needs.

She is responsible for the conversation.

She uncovers the interests and needs of all involved.

She does neither judge nor evaluate.

The mediator supports realistic and useful agreements.

The mediator makes no decisions for the participants.

What Does the Mediation Procedure Look Like?


Preliminary Talk





1. The mediator will first meet with you individually for an informal preliminary talk. This preliminary talk serves to understand the starting point of the dispute, and to discuss the principle of confidentiality, the course of mediation and what goals and wishes you have for mediation.

2. Together with you, the mediator determines which framework applies to your individual case: alternating individual discussions and/or an open discussion between all participants. During the mediation, the six principles of mediation apply.

3. The goal of a successful mediation is working together to find a solution to your conflict.

Following mediation, the mediator sets up a legally binding contractual agreement between the parties involved in the conflict.

6 Principles of Mediation


Mediation is a strictly confidential procedure. Everything that is discussed in the context of mediation does not leave the space of mediation and may not be used in court.

Voluntary Nature

Mediation is a voluntary process. Both parties must agree to the mediation in advance. The mediation can be terminated at any time by one of the parties.

Neutrality and Impartiality of the Mediator

Mediation guarantees you impartiality of the mediator. This means equal treatment of all disputants.


The parties control the process and decide on a potential solution. The mediator supports the negotiation process.


In the course of the mediation the parties inform each other about their interests and can make informed decisions.


Mediation is not determined to a certain result, but results-open, flexible and creative. The procedure is adapted to the needs of the parties.

Why Does Mediation Work?

You decide. Unlike a judge, the mediator does not impose a judgment on you.

This is your day. You are being listened to here. We take time for your case.

You yourself determine the course and content of the negotiation process.

Relationships are respected and not strained in court.

High procedural justice and resulting satisfaction.

Confidentiality of mediation provides you with safety.

You decide for yourself what and how much you want to reveal.

Mediation works, because you stand up for your own rights.



In case of a conflict, Helen Winter mediates so that an agreement is reached.

Consulting & Coaching

Helen Winter advises and coaches you to find applicable conflict management strategies.

Representative Matters

Intercultural Disputes

Cultural differences, conflict potential of misunderstandings of any kind, etc.


Improvement of the working environment, differences in the workplace, potential discrimination in the workplace, in organizations, companies and start-ups, etc.


Divorce, Custody, caring for relatives, generational conflicts, family reunification, etc.

American-German Relations

Cooperation, business relations, contract initiation, business liquidation etc.

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